Friday, January 16, 2009

Sea day - Jan 15

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Breakfast seems to go by the wayside so I can sleep a little longer and get down to the purser’s desk for meetings; I finished off the invitations to the officers for the cocktail party.

Ran to a classical pianist concert in the Queens Room by Warren Mailley Smith who just made his debut at Carnegie Hall – Chopin, Mozart, Listz…wonderful! Then to my computer class on cameras and adobe photoshop, and then to the fitness center. I found out I can catch some of the lectures I may miss in person as they are on the Cunard TV channel; I can do the treadmill and other machines and watch/hear the lectures!! Great news to be able to do two things at once PLUS look out at the beautiful sea ahead of us - - the fitness room is in the front of the ship on the 9th floor.

It was a formal night again but not a ball night. We enjoyed the Cunard singers and dancers, the string quartet and pianist Warren Mailley Smith in the Royal Court. It is a magnificent theatre in its resemblance of a London West End theatre. Maroon walls and heavy velvet drapes with walls decorated in the Victorian era, extremely comfortable seats with excellent sight lines, fantastic acoustics, box seats with butler service and tables for snacks/drinks and with great sight lines! The 1st floor entrance has paneled walls lined with old programs and newspapers from 1893 and more recent dates. It is a beautiful first-class theatre.

Some of you may know I am a James Bond fan…tonight was also James Bond night in the Commodore Club! Every drink was named after a movie and of course they had his signature drink…shaken, not stirred!