Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan 22 - sea day off the coast of Mexico

Thursday, January 22, 2009
Sea day off the coast of Mexico with turbulent winds in the morning.
Went to do office work in the morning. Made my copies, hand delivered them to the various floors, wrote out my thank you notes and information letter for the tour on Saturday, cleaned up the stateroom, re-arranged the furniture and hid all the suitcases!!! Yeah! It actually looks like a livable room now. I pass by other staterooms as they are being cleaned and see how neat and tidy others are so now this one will almost match theirs…

Had lunch with clients who are currently on their 30th world cruise with Cunard. 30 YEARS of world cruises. Wow. I actually sat out on the balcony for an hour and it felt absolutely wonderful. The sun was warm and strong and felt so good. Then I ran to the pool and swam my laps. Most people just lie around and tan so the pool is never too busy. They were having an ice carving demonstration but the block broke as they transported it from the freezer (probably an easy 400 pounds) so the carvers were pondering on their next step.

There is always live music at dinner, either a harpist or a string quarter. After dinner we had a special cocktail party for the Platinum and Diamond members of the Cunard World Club (frequent cruisers with Cunard) including an awards ceremony (we are Platinum). Our clients were recognized and the Queens Room was decorated with piñatas and Mexican decorations and colors; it looked great!

The entertainment was an extremely energetic pianist, Ami Abler, with classical, pop and Broadway show tunes. I managed to get a load of laundry in to the machine before closing hour but did not manage to get it OUT of the machine and into the dryer before the door was locked. I need to be there at 7AM tomorrow or others will invade our space!