Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan 23 - sea day - An Actress!??

Friday, January 23, 2009 – day at sea
Up at 6:45 to get the laundry out of the machine and into the dryer! The security man had already taken it out of the machine. I went for a swim while the clothes dried. Lovely!

I joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts workshop (RADA) as I thought THEY were performing for the last day during this segment. I had that wrong! It was a performance by the students! I ended up being Juliet, as in Romeo and Juliet, for a one minute performance of the entire play! There were six of us and our task was to perform it to the tunes of Broadway shows. Quite a show, I must say. Me, the shy inhibited one, as Juliet, singing "I can't live...if living is without you..." and some other songs, then falling dead onto the floor. Oh what a photo that would have been. Don't think the family would have believed this one. Me neither, in fact.

Then another computer class and lunch with friends and RADA performed "The Bear" by Anton Chekov, adapted by Brian Friel, in 1/2 hour. It was brilliant (notice that English slang there???).
Prepared for the our first shore excursion tomorrow with walkie-talkies, name tags, release forms, photo forms, tour information, name it. Dinner (semi-formal night) and a comedian from the UK performed -- Kevin Devane. Friends are letting me use their internet minutes -- they have over 700 to use by Tuesday! And then they get another 700 until the next segment. BUT it is Big Band Night and the music is great!!! Both orchestras are combined to give a powerful sound of wonderful big band music -- I could sit in there and listen forever but must get to bed to be ready for tomorrow. Big day ahead and the weather looks to be good. 80 and sunny.