Monday, March 30, 2009

Luisa's 50th birthday -- sailing in the Arabian Sea

March 28, 2009 – Luisa’s 50th birthday - in the Arabian Sea

Pools are still closed due to virus.
“Happy Birthday” balloons appeared on our door!
Attended the lecture on Dubai.

Received a dozen of beautiful roses! They are gorgeous.
We had lunch in the Todd English specialty restaurant with Nancy, one from our group. She is so nice and we have fun with her. She has been with us on quite a few of our tours in the cities/islands.

After the very filling lunch, I went to see Macbeth in the theatre, put on by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

We had invited the Ensemble group, who are very much our friends, for formal tea in the Queens Room. We said no obligation and no gifts. It was such a nice time. We had a special section set aside in the room, the staff made me a huge carrot cake (yum!) and we all mingled and they did bring gifts...a bronze SHIVA sculpture from India, necklaces, chocolates, books, wine, ankle bracelet, key chain and very nice cards…

One couple even wrote a poem!!!

“When traveling the world
To catch the great scene
It’s more fun to travel
With Luisa and Gene.

They’ll take you to places
That you’d never glance
You’ll hear singing children
And watch lions that dance.

You’ll travel on boats
Through a city so worn
It was already old
When the US was born.

All questions are answered
Your problems are few
So thanks for the memories
And Happy Birthday to You.”

How nice! But I didn’t get much carrot cake and they took it away before we even noticed it was gone!!

Then we had about ½ hour to dress for dinner; it was a semi-formal night and there were two bottles of champagne waiting for us on the table and more chocolates.
I had approx. 15 waiters sing to me and they made me a marzipan cake! The icing was great. It was a very nice meal and we just finished with a magician and singer/pianist/violinist/fiddler so it was a nice evening.