Friday, February 6, 2009

final day at sea before Samoa - Feb 5

Thursday, February 5, 2009
Final approach to Western Samoa! Day at sea - 80 degrees and breezy
Swam and the pool was sparkling clean, the sun was shining brilliantly and the temperature was absolutely perfect!! Worked on the cocktail party, attended an EXCEL computer class and had a few meetings.

The cocktail party was from 5-6 PM and we had 54 people show up! It was a very lively group and it was nice to meet the new members who joined in LA. Great success!

Lobster and scallops for dinner and HARD TIMES by Charles Dickens was presented in the Royal Court Theatre. As I was about to get onto the elevator, I heard a young girl speaking Danish and I jumped out to speak to her. She and her sister are 9 and 11 and they are with their father on the ship and live in Vejle, Denmark! AND he owned the gas station in the town I lived in for the year!!! They have been on the ship since mid-December and will be onboard for 88 days before returning to Denmark. We had a great time talking and it was great practice for my Danish -- the girls were impressed and I was too! They are just beginning to learn English and we hope to get together for tea soon. They are in the “Queens Grill”, the highest category stateroom, so we would be able to see those public areas also.

Worked on the computer and RECEIVED AN INVITATION FOR A WORLD CRUISE DINNER IN SINGAPORE at the Shangri-La Hotel hosted by Carol Marlow, the CEO of Cunard!! Wow. A really special private formal dinner…My first thought: transporting 18 buses of people to and from the ship to the hotel and coordinating wheelchairs and walkers?! This will be a real feat for a memorable event! What fun…but it is not until March 19, so we have time to prepare for this one!