Friday, January 7, 2011

1st day at Sea

Thursday, January 06, 2011 – We sailed past Cuba for most of the day and we glanced at it casually as we worked from the stateroom most of the day. We personally delivered about ½ of our group’s gifts (a mini camcorder!) and tote bags and welcome/tour confirmations. Great weather, meaning warm sunshine, with a fierce wind of 42 knots, or so we were told! We’ll be able to join in the fun soon enough...the bean bag toss(!), fitness classes, walking on the promenade, dance classes…and I am going to try the creative writing class! Room service for breakfast and lunch and a very nice dinner. Called everyone in our group and met quite a few. Rick Starr, comedian, was the entertainer. Last night we were introduced to the multitude of hosts onboard for entertainment: gentleman hosts, arts and crafts, bridge, ports of call, painting, creative writing…a few more than what we had onboard the Grand Voyage to the Black Sea in March-May 2010.

I do feel as if I am in my “home-away-from-home”.