Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zagreb and business class home!

Friday, March 15, 2013 – Zagreb and business class home!

Bright sunshine follows the snow and it was a beautiful morning. We passed the large US Embassy near the airport and waited, again, on our delayed flight’s departure! So we enjoyed the business lounge and reviewed the week’s sites.

En route, I could clearly see a Star Alliance plane beneath us and it was a beautiful sight. We paralleled each other for a long time and then we finally overtook it.

Due to the delay of the departure from Zagreb we landed in London with just an hour for our international connection so we had a private escort from Special Services led us to a private bus for our transfer from Terminal Five to Terminal One. As of April 8, these flights will depart and arrive at the same terminal and thus alleviate this headache! So we wound our way around the back of Heathrow again and even found time for 15 minutes in the business lounge before boarding the BA flight to JFK. This time we were able to stretch out in the business sleepers and took full advantage of them -- and the ice cream! It is certainly a more relaxing way to travel. It was a much needed rest after a busy week of exploring the small and large cities in Croatia!