Tuesday, November 24, 2009

End of the trip

The daily newspaper delivered to our stateroom always had a limerick. We had quite a talented group onboard!

Day's Limerick: “At totality our breaths we were bating. We said this is for what we were waiting. A party resulted. We all got occulted. Tomorrow we’ll need collimating.” Neil Speirs

Onboard lectures:
Asteroid impact
3D Mars
Meteors and meteorites
Guide to Galaxy
Eclipse stamp collecting
Sky Photography
Meteorites from other planets
Living in the sun’s atmosphere
Black Holes and magic
Light and color in the air
Pre and post eclipse panel discussions
Iwa Jima
Geology and WWII
Eclipse photography
Hubble telescope
Observing the sun
Camera workshop
Life of an Astronomer Royal (Scotland)
Story of Stars
Your camera around the world
Skyscapes and Nightscapes

I learned about eclipses and scientists. This eclipse was absolutely fascinating and I am glad we made the effort to be with the experts for the longest eclipse of the century.

The passion of these scientists was evident in their lectures and their enthusiasm to see the next eclipse. For 2010, their thought process is to go to Easter Island, Chile for the eclipse and then sightsee since they are there anyway. For me, they present a different view on why we travel.

These brought a smile to my face.